Ultra-luxe natural green onyx stone. Inspired by the beauty of nature, no two vessels are the same, with variation in color, veins and overall appearance. Pair with a glass insert vessel for easy refills, sold separately.
Suggested wax fill: 10oz (without insert); 8oz (with insert). 3.72" (w) x 3.74" (l)

Single Candle Jar ($41.95 each)
Buy 1 Case Pack of 6, Save 10% ($37.76 each)
Buy 10 Case Packs of 6 (60), Save 15% ($35.66 each)
Buy 20 Case Packs of 6 (120), Save 17% ($34.82 each)
Buy 100 Case Packs of 6 (600), Save 20% ($33.56 each)

Ships 10/15/21
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Weight: 2.25 lbs
Inside diameter: 3"
Coated with a non-toxic sealant inside and out to maintain each vessel's natural beauty.

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