Melt more wax than ever before! This HOT item melts up to 19 lbs / 9 liters of wax at a time and comes with a stainless steel pour spout for easy dispensing. Simply plug it in and set the dial to your desired temperature, maximum temp. reaches > 230° F. All of our exclusive wax blends have been tested and approved to be melted in this wax melter at their corresponding melting point. Body of melter is enameled and contains plastic handles for easy transportation. Measures 11” tall with an inside pot diameter of 10”.

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*lid is tempered glass


Product Technical Specifications: 

19 LB / 9 Liter Capacity 110V (50/60Hz),1000WATTS 

Stainless steel body, plastic handles 

Measures 11 inches tall with an inside pot diameter of 10 inches 

Max Temp of >230 degrees F 

Suitable for most waxes with melting temperatures 50°C -100°C/ 122°F -212°F 

Includes stainless steel pour spout for easy dispensing 



Note: Appliance is intended for wax melting only 

For instructions to this appliance, please download our user manual: Wax Melter User Guide

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