OK, let’s face it, this is a tough one…there are so many candle brands large and small, creative crafters, Etsy sellers, and honestly just so many talented people out there! It seems like just about every idea has been thought of….or has it? Maybe you have an idea that has never been done before in the history of candle making (that would be about 5,000 years by the way), or maybe you just make a really beautiful candle that burns properly, smells great, is packaged cleverly, and made with love and your own two hands.

Quality and consistency are a great starting point, as there are a lot of candles out there that don’t even meet those basic criteria! But what can you do to make sure your candles get noticed in a marketplace filled with creative ideas and great product?

An excellent way to stand apart from the crowd is to use a wood wick from Wooden Wick!  Apart from having a great company name, a logo that is memorable, clever or stunning packaging, killer photography, and of course top quality ingredients like Wooden Wick CO’s luxury waxes and really fabulous fragrances, what else can be done? A lot.

As we went over in our blog post Starting a Candle Business, have a story. Not a made-up, b.s. story, but a real, honest-to-goodness, true story that lets your customer in, and allows them to connect with you and your product. Yes, I said connect with you. Let them know you are a person not just a product.

People connect with people. Your story can be about you and the journey you took to launch your own candle company (as long as you think it will be interesting or inspiring to others). Your story might be about your ingredients, like the monks on the hillside outside of Prague who blend the mystical wax, or that all of your components are all sustainably sourced. Whatever it is, just be sure it is honest, genuine and true.

Give exemplary customer service. I’ve always said a happy customer probably won’t tell more than a friend or two, if you’re lucky. An unhappy customer will take to their keyboard to post, rant and let as many people as they possibly can know how you ruined not just their day, but possibly even their life! An ecstatic customer will tell a few people and might even write a nice review. Needless to say, you don’t want upset customers. But if you do get one, make it right. Admit if you made a mistake, fix it, and offer them something extra to make up for it.

Welcome feedback from your customers and when you get it, whether it’s good or bad, respond promptly. Communication is extremely important, be sure they know they are dealing with a person, not a faceless company. If you are hearing the same request or comment more than once, maybe your customers are trying to tell you something. Ask, listen and adjust if necessary.

Give back. With so many people having such strong passions and emotions, I can bet you have a few too! Choose one and give back. Whether it is an organization in your own immediate community or the world community, find something you are passionate about and join the cause. This subject can be a bit controversial, as people are often very careful not to choose something that might offend someone else, but honestly you have to do what feels right for you and if you are 100% behind it, others will be too. Here at The Wooden Wick Co. we are passionate about Trees for the Future.

Write a blog 😉 What better way to connect with people than writing about your company, you, your product, your industry, etc. Don’t try to be all fancy-pants, just write as you speak and let people hear your voice and get to know and connect with you!

A few examples of companies with great stories, all for different reasons that would make me want to buy their products: Scentsability | Juniper RidgeHerbivore Botanicals | Bare Bros Co.

Let your customers get to know your brand and form a connection with your products and you will be off to a fantastic start!


For more information on how to start a candle making business, visit out Candle Biz School!

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