the heat gun guide
The heat gun is a wonderful tool we recommend to finish off your candles, but remember to follow the guide below.
mandatory safety warning:
This is a heat gun, not a cold gun. If you have it turned on and grab the hot bits, it’ll probably burn you or at least give you a good fright. Don’t do it! Also, do not leave it plugged in for long periods of time.
The temperature at the nozzle of this heat gun is as hot as the surface of the sun. Ok, that’s not true - but it is hot. Somewhere around 484°F (250 °C). That means this could potentially cause fires, burns, and other nasty incidents. Be careful.
Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep away from water and moisture.
Don’t apply heat to the same spot for long periods of time. Things will likely get meltier than you are bargaining for. Do not use this heat gun while you shower or otherwise bathe.
Follow these simple instructions to get the most enjoyment out of your Heat Gun:
1. Plug it in and switch it on.
2. Aim the heat gun at whatever you’re fixing to heat. Most likely, a candle! This means don’t aim it at your hand, or your face, or your cat.
3. Hold the heat gun approximately 2 inches from the surface of your candle. Move the heat gun in a circular motion. Be careful not to keep the heat gun in one place for too long - especially over your wick as it could light up!
4. Continue to move the heat gun over the surface of the wax until it has liquified and any dents, sink holes, or divots have been filled in.
5. Turn off then unplug. Make sure you’ve given the heat gun sufficient time to cool down before you attempt to handle it again.
6. Leave your candle in place until the wax has fully cooled to avoid unintentionally creating any imperfections to the surface.
if your heat gun overheats:
When being used for extended periods of time, the heat gun may unexpectedly shut down. Allow a few minutes for the heat gun to cool down and try again.