There are so many ways to approach how best to fragrance your home. We’ve read the blogs and articles about how you “should” do this, and you “shouldn’t do that”. Maybe it’s our slightly rebellious spirit, but we aren’t going to tell you that you must burn a lavender candle in the bathroom when you take a bath, or a lemon and thyme candle in the kitchen, and how florals should never, ever be used in the dining room because they “fight with food odors”. We believe that home fragrance is an accessory, and just like any other accessory, fragrance is a personal choice. It’s all about what you like in your home, your sanctuary, your personal space… not what some “fragrance expert” says you are supposed to like. Candle fragrance can be bold, it can be quiet and subdued, fresh and uplifting, or just downright sexy. Your choice of how you want to fragrance your home can change based on the season, the company, the time of day, your mood or the occasion. Home fragrance is a bit like music… sometimes it’s right there in the forefront, stealing the show, and sometimes it’s playing quietly in the background. So, we aren’t here to tell you what to do, but if you are looking for a few suggestions… we might just have a couple for you!

The Bedroom

This comes down to er….um… what you want to accomplish in there. If its rest and relaxation, then a soothing scent would be the obvious choice. From our Wooden Wick Co. Spa Fragrances Collection we love NO. 5.006 Juniper Water, Lavender & Sage. This fragrance is in the mood we call “Mindful Retreat”. Lavender and Juniper blend seamlessly into Sage and Cardamom, then settle into Musk and White Woods creating the ultimate relaxation fragrance.

If you are looking for a different kind of bedroom experience, then go for something super sexy like NO. 6.003 Pink Pepper & Vetiver from our Androgynous Collection. Pink Pepper & Vetiver is a sexy, spicy fragrance with notes of Pink Pepper, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Lavender, Clove, Amber and Vetiver. That will set the mood for a little fun!

The Kitchen

Two directions come to mind here, the first is fresh and herbal, and the second is gourmand. A kitchen isn’t just a place to cook, it’s really the central gathering place of your home. Whether you live in a compact apartment or a grand home, it seems everyone always ends up in the kitchen. It’s the feel-good happy place. It’s where we stand around the kitchen counter eating, talking, drinking, and socializing.

For a couple of fresh ideas, from our Wooden Wick Co. Fresh Collection, we love NO. 3.002 Coconut & Cilantro and NO. 3.007 Heirloom Tomato. Coconut & Cilantro combines coconut with the sweetness of pineapple, the freshness of cilantro, and blends it in with cardamom, adds a slight hint of vanilla and will fill your kitchen with sunshine and smiley faces. NO. 3.007 Heirloom Tomato smells like a fresh garden, with flowers, citrus, herbs and tomato leaves. It reminds us of the perfect summer day.

If you prefer the gourmand variety, from our Fragrance Gourmand Collection give NO. 4.005 Coffee Bean & Cacao a try. We think you’ll love it! With notes of whipped Butter, creamy caramel, coffee, cacao, brown sugar and vanilla, this fragrance is all yummy, warm and cozy… what’s not to love!

The Bathroom

The bathroom is the perfect place for a floral fragrance, nothing too heavy or overpowering, but something pretty. Bathrooms are many things: a place to relax in the tub, to primp and groom, and um… other things.

Fragrance NO. 2.004 Lily of the Valley from our Floral Collection is a great choice for the bathroom or powder room. With top notes of white citrus and lily of the valley folding into a middle of jasmine and rose, and slowly evolving into a base of violet leaves and white musk, it’s soft, elegant and refined. It won’t take over, but will subtly make it’s presence known.

Be sure to check back as we continue our Room by Room series!

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