Fragrance Horoscope: Aquarius

Every month we pair our unique fragrance collections with each sign of the zodiac based on the traits and qualities of the given sign. While this is a new year, the astrological calendar is perpetually cyclical and doesn’t stop or pause for busy schedules or downtime. Its constant motion and spiritual guidance helps move us forward, to reflect but not dwell on what’s behind us.

This month, we invite the Aquarius inside you to create or ‘be’ as the stars have inspired. Don’t forget to pick a candle vessel that really represents Aquarius’s humanitarian and independent spirit.


As an Aquarius, you’re progressive, original and independent. You’re a deep thinker, highly intellectual, and love helping others. You are often able to see both sides of an argument. You are willing to come to a conclusion that benefits both sides. People are drawn to you for this reason.

While you can easily adapt to the energy that surrounds you, Aquarius-born often seek out alone time away from everything in order to restore power.

These strong traits pair perfectly with our Frankincense + Myrrh fragrance. It’s the ideal scent to surround yourself or your favorite Aquarius with.

Imagine wandering through one of Italy’s many basilicas, re-creating hundreds (or thousands) of years of history in your head. Frankincense + Myrrh is as mysterious and sacred as the basilica. With the cedarwood pews and orangewood blossoms subtly hitting your senses.

Aquarius’s element is air but those who are of the Aquarius sign are typically very grounded and really dislike boring situations. Utilize the Graphite Geo Pot to harness the best of both worlds as this vessel won’t jump off the table but certainly catches eyes.

This vessel is also right on trend with our 2019 candle trend predictions. We’re looking to see more “weighty” statement pieces in our candle collection–as an Aquarius this comes second nature.

People born under the Aquarius sign look at the world as a place full of possibilities, and their day of the week is Saturday. To celebrate, use this day as time for yourself to create; write down ideas you’ve been having, thoughts or emotions from the prior week, or create a candle with the Frankincense + Myrrh fragrance.

Fragrance Horoscope Aquarius Summary

Fragrance Pairing: Frankincense + Myrrh

Vessel Pairing: Graphite Geo

Look to be more independent this month and seek out intelligent conversation that could lead to your next great idea.


If you have never made a candle before, and you’re ready to give it a go. We are here to help you! Keep in mind that while it isn’t hard to put a wick and some wax into a container and call it a candle. Successfully making a candle that burns properly takes a little education, testing, and most of all patience. Therefore, we will start with a simple container candle.


The first step is choosing your wax. Ensure that the wax is meant for container candles. We prefer vegetable blends, like our Virgin Coconut Soy and our Coco Apricot Crème waxes. These are excellent for container candles. They also have the ability to hold a high fragrance load. They are much less challenging than working with 100% soy wax.


Choose your vessel and candle fragrance. Hopefully you are trying the suggested combination above!


The next step is choosing your wick. Of course we think wooden wicks are the best! You will want to refer to our Wick Selection Guide for suggested sizes. This is probably the most important step in candle making. Choosing the right wick for the candle wax blend and vessel to achieve optimal burn.


There are many factors that determine how a candle will burn. These include wax blend, fragrance load and type, dye, additives and vessel diameter.

Equally important are the temperature the wax is heated to and poured at. Wick size, ambient room temperature, and air circulation are also critical. Keep in mind that this is only a partial list. So read up on our Candle Making 101 blog posts too.  

You are always going to want to try a few different wicks and then conduct a burn test to see which is most ideally suited to your candle project. Any change at all (for example a different fragrance, even at the same load) can have a direct affect on the burn, sometimes minimal and other times quite substantial.

OK, let’s make this candle!

  • Cover the area you will be working on just in case there are any spills or mishaps.
  • Clean your vessel and set the wick by placing a wick sticker on the bottom of the wick clip and attaching it to the bottom center of your vessel.
  • In the case of wooden wicks, there is no need to attach the top of the wick to a wick bar because wooden wicks are rigid. They will remain straight if the wick tab is affixed to the bottom of the vessel.
  • Melt your wax in a double boiler in a wax pouring pitcher or wax heater until liquefied (no more than 200 degrees F (93 C).
  • When the wax cools to the mix temperature (the suggested pouring temperature for your wax type refer to manufacturer’s instructions – this is extremely important as if not followed it will result in issues with your candle), it is time to add the fragrance.
  • Make sure to spend a couple minutes briskly stirring the fragrance into the wax. Your fragrance load (percentage) will depend on your fragrance, wax type and its ability to hold fragrance as well as the desired strength you are looking for in both cold throw and hot throw.
  • Slowly pour the blend of wax and fragrance into your vessel.
  • Let cool for 24 hours before trimming the wick (to 3/16” for wooden wicks and 1/4” for cotton wicks). Then finish with a heat gun, or burning.

If you are using 100% soy you might need to poke relief holes as the candle is cooling. Once the candle is fully cooled (do not refrigerate), depending on the type of wax used, you may need to do a top pour to level out the surface.

For a nice smooth top surface, we suggest using a heat gun. Be very careful not to burn the wick. Quickly wave above the surface of the candle for a perfectly smooth finish. Do not use a hairdryer as that will melt and blow the wax creating a big mess.

There is more that goes into making a candle and this is just the beginning. However, this guide will definitely get you started!

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