Finishing A Candle With A Heat Gun

Have you ever wondered how to achieve perfectly smooth tops on your candles? Well, we are spilling the secret component on how to create that clean, finished look. Let’s learn about finishing a candle with a heat gun!

Meet your candle’s new best friend, a heat gun.

When and why would you need to use a heat gun in the candle making process? Ideally, you are using one of our fragrance waxes Virgin Coconut Soy or Coco Apricot Crème that both set up smoothly in one pour.

If you happen to be using another wax type, you might find divots, dents, cracks, sink holes, or just a not-so-pretty rough surface. If that is the case, it’s time for a heat gun!

Sink holes are a common occurrence in soy wax. For the full scoop on sink holes, check out our blog What Are Sink Holes?

You won’t be needing one of the industrial strength or a high power professional model, as they are too hot for our candle making needs. An entry-level heat gun will do.

If you get the wax too hot by using an industrial grade heat gun or by staying in one place for too long, you could cause the fragrance to burn off the top layer of your candle, making for a less than satisfactory cold throw.

NEVER use a blow dryer unless you want melted wax blown all over!

Follow these simple tips for using a heat gun to finish your candle:

  • With the heat gun on, simply move it around the surface of the candle, in a quick circular motion.
  • Avoid the wick(s) and do not stay in any one place for more than a second or two. If you direct the heat gun at the wick, it could either scorch it, or even worse, it may just light!
  • Candles with minor issues will be quickly corrected, you will know you are done as soon as the entire top surface of the candle has melted and evened out.
  • For candles with bigger issues like a sink hole, you may need to use a wooden skewer to poke a hole down into the sink hole. As you move the heat gun around the top of the candle, the melted wax will flow into the sink hole and fill it up.
  • It may take a couple of rounds of the heat gun to completely level out the surface of a candle that has major sink hole issues.
  • Once you have finished, be sure not to move your candle, so that the surface will set perfectly flat, smooth and oh so pretty!

Ready to get started? Order a Sample Kit and a heat gun today!

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