With wedding season in full swing, we thought it would be fun to share a few creative ideas for some customized, DIY wedding candle favors. By wedding candles, we mean anything from wedding gifts, wedding favors, shower gifts, and bridal party gifts.

There is no better gift than one that comes from the heart, is made from your own creativity and your own hands, is unique, and reflects yours or the recipient’s personal style. Handmade gifts have special meaning and will be appreciated and cherished so much more than a store-bought gift. Particularly when you make a candle using Wooden Wick Co.’s exceptional candle making components including luxurious waxes, exclusive fragrances, unique vessels and essential candle making supplies!

Wedding Gift

So often wedding gifts are just the push of a button on your keyboard to contribute to a honeymoon fund or another preselected item the couple has registered for. And while that is fantastic, it might be nice to also send along a handmade candle for their new home together or to freshen up their existing place. Make them something that really speaks to who they are, to their unique style and personalities.

Maybe they are so different, one candle won’t do, but rather a pair with two different fragrances that when combined, create one exclusive scent. Imagine our Palo Santo + Sage in one and in the other Tuberose, + Frangipani. What an intoxicating combination to burn the two of these at once! Or, one big beautiful candle in a special vessel (we know where you can get one of those!) Our large Snow Marble is a great option to make a stunning impression.

If you want to get really fancy, you can layer in two fragrances to represent each individual, how cool would that be! There are two ways you can try this: by either blending two fragrances together (before adding it to the wax), or pouring one fragrance first, filling the vessel halfway, letting it set, then pouring the other fragrance the rest of the way.

Either way will give you a truly unique and extraordinary gift, carefully thought out, and personalized just for the special couple.  Be sure to include a little note about the fragrances and how they were selected specifically for them and their individualistic style. Who wouldn’t love that?

Wedding Favors

When it comes to wedding favors, unless you have a big chunk of change to throw around, you might not want to make 150 candles in the large Snow Marble (or maybe you do, and if so we fully support that!) How chic would it be though, to make candles using our Vanilla Swirl with one of our amazing Wooden Wick Co. fragrances like Sage + Lavender then finish it off with some twine, a sprig of lavender and a handmade tag with your names and nuptial date? We found some really cute customized tags on Etsy by FiendishPaperThingy. If you plan to do this, please send us an invite to the big soiree so we can get one for ourselves!

Shower Gift

Making a candle for one person is easier than trying to please two, so now is the time to make it all about her (or him because Man Showers are definitely a thing!) Now you can really just focus on the recipient and what she/he likes. Do they have a cool, fun, modern style? Maybe our Gold Slice paired with one of our Wooden Wick Co. fragrances like Yuzu Blossoms + Hinoki with notes of Uzu, Pear, Ylang and Patchouli. How about Iris + Ginger Blossom with Clementine, Ginger Blossom, Tuberose and Oud… honestly, you can’t go wrong here! The choices are endless with our Wooden Wick Co. candle vessels and Wooden Wick Co. candle fragrances.

Bridal Party Gifts

There are so many ways to go here, you can make the candle the main event in a stunning vessel like our chic, mod, gold and white Geode paired with Sheer Vanilla + Orchid or our large Storm Marble with a deep, sexy fragrance such as Saffron + Tobacco.  Another great idea would be to use our Gilt Alloy Tins, make a custom label for the top commemorating the event, and choose one (or more) of our Wooden Wick Co. fragrances!

If you have never made a candle and are ready to give it a try, check out our blog How to Make a Wooden Wick Candle as well as all of our other candle making blogs and tips here.

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