DIY Holiday Candle Gift Guide

We all have that one person in our lives who seems to have everything and we’re never quite sure what to gift them when the holiday season rolls around…Until now!

What better gift than a luxury personalized candle for them to enjoy? Whether you’re shopping for your most fashionable gal pal, your one of a kind adventurer grandpa, or your boss, we’ve got something in store for you.

Before diving into our holiday gift guide, you need to make sure you know how to make a properly burning candle. Stop by our blog on How to Make a Wood Wick Candle for an easy, step-by-step guide on how to create the perfect candle!

For any of our DIY candle gifts, you’ll want to be sure you have the following supplies to make your stellar candle:


The world traveler loves exploring new places and cultures. Just because they’re always on the move, doesn’t mean the world traveler doesn’t get nostalgic about home every now and then. Since our sense of scent is most closely tied to the memories part of our brain, a DIY candle is the perfect way to remind them that home is a lot closer than they think!

Gift them with a travel tin they can enjoy on the road. The Gilt Alloy Tin is the perfect, lightweight option to slide in a carry on bag.

Smoked Cedar & Leather will remind them of the comforts of home while they’re out exploring. This fragrance is reminiscent of relaxing in front of an open fire while curled up on a plush leather couch.

Candle Vessel: Gilt Alloy Tin
Fragrance Oil: Smoked Cedar + Leather from the Woody Collection
Gift Box: Grey with Gold Lining


If you’re shopping for the fashionista in your life, you know you had better bring your A game! Fashionistas have a keen eye for quality and love all that is trendy.

Mod Waves is delicate candle vessel with an abstract, modern design that will fit right in line with this trailblazer’s decor.

Of course the fashionista deserves nothing less than an absolutely, on-trend fragrance from our Fashion Forward Collection. After Party is a heady blend of white florals and sexy oud that is guaranteed to delight even the most discerning nose.

Since the fashionista has high expectations, don’t forget to put your chic creation in a luxury gift box with a bow on top. Insta-worthy!

Candle Vessel: Mod Waves
Fragrance Oil: Iris + Ginger Blossom from the Fashion Forward Collection
Gift Box: White with Gold Lining


Forests, mountains, beaches, and deserts… the adventurer loves it all! But in light of the holiday season, we’re putting a snow capped twist on this DIY candle gift.

The Noelle vessel brings to mind a snow frosted tree branch. When lit, Noelle emits a warm, soft glow through the semi-translucent sides of the vessel that will create a longing for the outdoors even in the most city-loving of us all.

Juniper & Balsam Spruce is the perfect fragrance pairing to evoke a sense of familiarity and happiness in the adventurer. This fragrances encapsulates the essence of a fresh breath of cold mountain air by blending invigorating eucalyptus and lemon peel with musky pine wood and sweet cinnamon.

Warning… this DIY gift is so delightful it will give the adventurer a reason to stay home!

Candle Vessel: Noelle
Fragrance Oil: Juniper + Balsam Spruce from the Woody Collection
Gift Box: Red with Gold Lining



If their life revolves around laptops and lattes, you’re definitely shopping for a busy body. Candles are loved for their ability to create a relaxing ambiance, and the busy body could use some of that in their life!

The Gold Dip Cement vessel is industrial and all business with a splash of fun, luxe gold shimmer.

Pair with our divine Rose Patchouli & Amber fragrance from our Spa Collection and before you know it, your favorite busy body is going to be all zenned out!

Candle Vessel: Gold Dip Cement
Fragrance Oil: Rose Patchouli + Amber from the Spa Collection
Gift Box: Black with Gold Lining


The free spirit can be happy with not much at all, so you’ll want to be sure to gift them something heartfelt that they can truly enjoy, like something made with your own two hands.

The organic brush strokes on the Eve Glass make it the perfect match for the free spirit in your life… who we are guessing is pretty organic in nature as well. The unique design of this vessel is playful, sweet, and soothing all at once. Again, I know it sounds like we are describing your gift recipient and not the glass, but hey, that’s why we picked this one for the free spirit!

Tree Sap is a fresh, green, and woody fragrance. Perfect for the tree hugger… er… free spirit in your life! Top notes of lavender and bergamot quickly melt into the sweet and sticky tree sap, patchouli, and sandalwood base notes. Mmm.

Candle Vessel: Eve Glass
Fragrance Oil: Tree Sap + Fir from the Woody Collection
Gift Box: Grey with Silver Lining


Give the foodie in your life something decadent to enjoy that will last longer than a box of Godiva chocolates… and it’s calorie free 😉

The White Bauble Pinch Pot is a perfect vessel for the foodie… it’s just the right size to be repurposed as a coffee or tea mug once their candle has burned to the end!

Our Pumpkin fragrance takes a sophisticated twist on your traditional fall favorite combining fruity orange, pumpkin, and warm, spicy ginger, vanilla, and allspice. It will give you all the warm and fuzzy feelings the holiday season brings.

Candle Vessel: White Bauble 
Fragrance Oil: Pumpkin + Persimmon from the Gourmand Collection
Gift Box: White with Silver Lining


Looking for something more along the lines of a DIY “Mandle”? Man candles, otherwise known as mandles, are no longer just a gag gift, but a growing part of the candle market.

We love the thick, heavy feel of the Storm Marble Pot. It’s sturdy, luxurious, and will certainly be an eye catcher in your manly man’s man cave. Say that three times fast!

Cedarwood & Neroli is the ultimate warm, woody floral. Sexy patchouli and sweet jasmine collide together, balanced out by spicy cinnamon and clove.

Candle Vessel: Storm Marble
Fragrance Oil: Cedarwood + Neroli Balsam from the Androgynous Collection
Gift Box: Grey with Silver Lining


Ok, time for some fun! Nothing says I love you more than pizza like a handmade, luxury candle.

The Jovie Jar is constructed of a clean white, straight-edged, modern hex ceramic and contrasted with a fun, whimsical rose gold paint design. The Jovie Jar is all fanciful and sweet, just like your best gals.

Because we all love a night out with the girls, what better way to celebrate that than with our Mulled Orange Cider fragrance. This sweet, boozy scent leads with a strong orange rind note that fades Madagascar clove, Tonka bean, and zesty ginger.

Candle Vessel: Jovie
Fragrance Oil: Orange Rind + Clove from the Gourmand Collection
Gift Box: Hot Pink with Silver Lining


Ahhh, our beloved coworkers! Whether you’re office style is Secret Santa, White Elephant, or you spread the cheer around the whole dang place, a DIY candle gift is sure to be a hit no matter who receives it. Plus you automatically just got bragging rights for being the DIY expert of the office. No one has to know how easy it is!

Our Matte Black Gem Pot is an ideal choice for men or women. It’s mod, luxury, and stylish… aka it’s foolproof!

Pair with the best-selling Winter Garland fragrance for a woody, fresh scent that is sure to give your coworkers all the holiday feels. Winter Garland is like a walk through an enchanted forest, a sophisticated composition of garden and majestic trees. If you’re lucky, your coworker may even just burn it in the office so everyone can get a whiff of your magical creation.

Candle Vessel: Matte Black Gem
Fragrance Oil: Gilded Rose + Spruce from the Woody Collection
Gift Box: Black with Gold Lining


Your significant other can either be the easiest one on your list to shop for or the absolute hardest! Either way, we know they will enjoy a handmade, thoughtful DIY candle gift.

For the significant other in your life, the Tinsley vessel is just the right amount of romance and fun. The abstract design is unique on each piece and truly one of a kind (just like your partner)!

Frankincense & Myrrh is a delightfully mysterious and sensual fragrance. One part warm and cozy, two parts sensual… this fragrance is the perfect recipe to set the stage for romance.

Of course for the ultimate presentation, you better put that gorgeous candle in a luxury, hot red box!

Candle Vessel: Tinsley
Fragrance Oil: Frankincense + Myrrh from the Woody Collection
Gift Box: Red with Gold Lining

Share your DIY candle creations with us by tagging @woodenwick in your photos!

For more luxury candle making supplies, shop on our website’s curated selection of unique vessels, exclusive fragrances, natural wax blends, and more.

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