Creating The Perfect Candle Ambiance

Candles serve a wide range of purposes from aromatherapy to home decor to simply providing light.

No matter what purpose you are using candles for, they always help to create a warm, comforting ambiance regardless of the setting.

Creating the perfect candle ambiance enhances the atmosphere and gives everyone a sense of feel-good. Fragrance is the top factor in how people react and relate to burning a candle, and it can take a bit of trial and error to find just the right scent to match the mood you are wanting to set.

We’re here to spill all of our top advice on how to create the perfect candle ambiance for each and every occasion.


In the company of friends and family, there are always many opinions being shared… on your home, your food… heck, even on your life! (Yes Grandma, I am still single. I can’t believe it either.)

They’ll be sure to have an opinion on the candle scent that’s burning as well.

Burn a candle made with Orange Rind + Clove fragrance. This warm and citrusy scent is inviting, sophisticated, and will make everyone want to sit back and stay awhile.

Disclaimer… if you don’t want your friends and family to stay awhile, you may want to burn a less pleasant fragrance. This one is sure to keep them around!


Have you ever been ready to enjoy a delicious meal, only to realize a few bites in that the candle you’re burning to set that perfect ambiance happens to be a horrible clash with the food you are eating?

Like a thoughtfully selected glass of wine, choosing the right candle for your cuisine is an important aspect in your sensorial experience!

Burn a candle made with Heirloom Leaves + Tigergrass fragrance. Heirloom Tomato is a fresh, green scent that feels like walking through a local Farmer’s Market. This fragrance will pair well with meat, fish, and vegetable dishes.

For the best course (and we obviously mean dessert), burn a candle made with Pumpkin + Persimmon fragrance. This warm, spicy fragrance will pair well with a decadent dessert without taking center stage and overpowering the food itself.


Self-care is for everyone.

Creating the perfect bathroom ambiance is something we can all do, and it doesn’t have to cost you as much as going to a luxury spa! Get the bath water running…

Burn a candle made with Sage + Lavender fragrance. This subtly refreshing and calming fragrance is the ultimate sophisticated spa scent and is sure to melt all your stresses away.


For hosting a birthday party or fun celebratory event, choose a fragrance that is as sweet as the memories you are making.

Burn a candle made with Coffee Bean + Cacao fragrance. This luscious, rich fragrance is reminiscent of a decadent dessert that is sure to be both loved and remembered.

Plus, it pairs well with cake. And really, all celebrations should include cake!


When you’re ready to zen-out, creating the perfect ambiance for meditation can help to increase focus and relaxation.

Burn a candle made with Dried Florals + Incense fragrance. This scent combines orange, patchouli, and soft florals with vanilla, musk, and tonka bean and smells of a mystical incense.

Meditation, as the name itself alludes, is the perfect scent to find some peace of mind.


Whether you’re sipping wine by fireside and talking the night away or snuggling up with your partner, creating the perfect candle ambiance is sure to set the mood.

Burn a candle made with Eau De Mer + Amber fragrance. Notes of patchouli, amber, and black pepper create a complex sensuality and are balanced with ocean breeze, citrus, and jasmine (a natural aphrodisiac).

Intimate moments call for a scent that is both intriguing and sexy. This scent will set the stage for romance!

Ready to make your own candles and create the perfect ambiance? Get started here.

If you’ve never made a candle before, we’re here to help you get started! Be sure to check out our blog on How to Make a Wood Wick Candle. Wooden wicks are clean burning, natural wicks that make a soft, crackling sound as they burn to offer a multi-sensory candle experience.

Do you make and sell candles using one of the fragrances mentioned above? Email us at with a link to your product to be featured in this blog!

Photo by @wildgypseacollective

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