Naturally eco-friendly and exclusive to the Wooden Wick Co., ceramic beads are a fun new twist on diffusing your favorite Wooden Wick Co. fragrances. Unlike reed diffusers, you don’t need a large quantity of fragrance oil or diffuser base to fill your car, home, or favorite space with tantalizing fragrance. 

Ceramic beads have a circular earthy handmade look to them and have fantastic scent throw because the ceramic can absorb a large amount of fragrance oil. To make your own, all you need is a few simple components:


  • Scent Diffusing Ceramic Beads 
  • A Digital Scale
  • Glass Pitcher 
  • Your favorite Wooden Wick Co. Fragrance or Essential Oil
  • A drawstring bag or sachet (We love the eco-chic Cotton Drawstrings Bags or pretty White Organza bags from the Wooden Wick Co.)
  • Enhancers for a little extra flair


  1. First, turn on your scale and place your pouring pitcher on top and press the tare button so that it zeroes out. This is where you are going to mix your fragrance, beads, and any additional dried botanicals or crystals.
  2. Next, add your ceramic beads to your pitcher. Depending on the size of the sachet you plan to make, we recommend using 3-5 ounces of ceramic beads.
  3. After you’ve added the beads to your pitcher, it’s time to add your fragrance. You can use Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil. To add your fragrance you can just slowly drip your fragrance oil over top of your beads directly from the bottle or using a pipette. Make sure to disperse evenly throughout the beads. We recommend starting with 10-25 drops of oil. 
  4. Gently mix the beads so the fragrance fully combines.
  5. Once you’ve combined your fragrance, it’s time to add any additional enhancers for decoration. We love using a combination of mica, crystals, and dried botanicals to add color and texture to the bead sachets - but really you can add anything you like! Let your creativity run wild!
  6. Once you’ve mixed your enhancers in with your ceramic beads, you’re ready to create your sachets. Take your bags and fill them with a small amount of your ceramic bead mixture and close the drawstring. 


Viola! Now you’ve got beautiful scent diffusing sachets to sell, gift, or add fragrance to your home, car, closet, or favorite space! Sachets are a great product to create for scent samples, and you can even use ceramic beads in wax melters - when they heat up they provide incredible scent throw that will fragrance your entire home.

Little beads, endless possibilities! Most other diffusing beads you may have seen on the market are made from plastic. We try to use as little plastic here as possible which is we why created these one-of-a-kind innovative ceramic beads.

To find your favorite diffuser scent, check out our exclusive collection of fragrances and 100% pure essential oils. 

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Happy Making!