about us
who we are
The Wooden Wick Co. was built for creators like you, by creators like you. We exist with a mindful mission: To elevate, educate, and inspire by providing unique, innovative products and resources to help you succeed. Through collective empowerment, trend-setting assortments, eco-friendly offerings and charitable initiatives, we stand to enlighten and uplift Makers globally.
the inventor of the wooden wick
As the founder and inventor of the original Wooden Wick, we pride ourselves on being the exclusive worldwide manufacturer of the original Wooden Wick. Wooden Wicks are an internationally patented technology with over 50 Utility and Design Patents covering single-ply, multi-layered, curved, colored, and decorative shaped wicks made from 100% wood, semi-wood, fibrous material, and wood and cotton combinations.
Sourced from FSC certified mills and manufactured in the USA, our Wooden Wicks are a sustainable, natural, and eco-friendly wicking option. Our product assortment allows for Wooden Wicks to work in all vessel sizes, shapes, and wax types.
the vision
To create an environment of inspiration and well-being for our employees, vendors and customers alike, inspiring creativity and connection by providing the most compelling, all-encompassing shopping and educational experience possible.
our charitable promise
For every $100 you spend, we plant a tree. We’ve partnered with Trees for the Future, an organization working to end hunger and poverty for small farmers through revitalizing degraded lands. The Trees for the Future program offers educational opportunities, empowers women, and builds communities. With every purchase, you are helping plant a tree.
absolutely ethical
The Wooden Wick Co. utilizes only the highest quality ingredients and components on the planet. We make it our mission to provide top-tier selections across all product lines and supplies, ensuring all wood is ethically sourced from US-based Forest Stewardship Council Certified Mills, and eco-friendly and sustainable phthalate free products are offered. Nurturing the earth and gaining inspiration from nature is essential and interwoven into all facets of our brand. Eco-friendliness, ingredient transparency, and pure formulations are a must.
“As a larger candle brand, Wooden Wick candles were an obvious choice for us. We appreciate the minimal carbon buildup and how easy the set-up is. Our customers also always comment that they love the flickering dance of the flame and the gentle crackle of the Wooden Wick.”
- Marina
“Definitely the best Wooden Wicks on the market, as they are the exclusive, original global manufacturer. This company is the best when it comes to candle wicks, and if you cannot find what you are looking for, head to their site, woodenwick.com. Their customer service is always extremely helpful as well.”
- Cherrilyn
“We chose Wooden Wicks from the start. While working on the concept for our candle line, we did extensive wick research, and opting for a Wooden Wick in all of our candles was the natural selection – not only does a Wooden Wick have a beautiful flicker and a soft crackle, but it also has a rigid design, making set-up is so easy!”
- Lumen
“We chose to use Wooden Wicks for our candles because it was a new product here in Italy, different from usual cotton or paper wicks. We thought they would be perfect for our artisanal botanical candles. Some of our candles were even born with the idea to use a Wooden Wick instead of a cotton wick. For example: Our Hanakotoba collection is inspired by the Japanese language of flowers so the use of a natural Wooden Wick was immediate.”
- Andrej
“We are a soy candle producer in Malaysia and we have been a Wooden Wick customer for the past few years. We are fairly new to producing soy candles however we have used Wooden Wicks since day one.”
- Marcus
the product assortment
The Wooden Wick Co. product assortment consists of Wooden Wicks, Luxury Fragrance Oils, Unique Vessels, Wax Blends, and Candle Making Supplies. All products can be found on our e-commerce site marketplace, “The Wooden Wick Co.”. We can also be found at various pop-up shops, unique retailer stockists, and bespoke “makers workshops” across the world.
the wooden wick crackle
Wooden Wick candle wicks have a distinct crackling sound when burning. In a consumer-facing study, the crackling aspect was noted as the top reason for wanting to purchase a luxury candle utilizing a Wooden Wick.
better fragrance release
In a thermocouple burn test between a Wooden Wick vs cotton wick candle, results showed that the Wooden Wicks diffuse heat more rapidly into the wax, and can push up to 35% more fragrance throw into a room, compared to cotton wicks.
consumer preferred
In a consumer-facing study, a whopping 96% of consumers said that Wooden Wick candles are more calming vs. their cotton wick counterparts, and 92% of consumers stated that Wooden Wick candles create more ambiance.
operations + quality control
All Wooden Wicks and Wick Clips are manufactured in the USA with great pride and skill. Our employees love what they do and are empowered each day to create the absolute best products possible. All employees at The Wooden Wick Co. are treated fairly, with respect, and equal opportunity. We come to work inspired every day, because we love what we do, and we love to see our customers succeed!
The Wooden Wick Co. is able to meet unlimited supply demands, while maintaining the superior quality and utmost consistency in our products. Each order is carefully checked for quality under multiple inspection points prior to leaving our facility.
competitive advantage
We‘re creating a world where luxury products and candle supplies help, not hinder you; all while reducing our environmental and social impact by partnering with farmers, artisans and charities across the world. We want to supply the market with the best ingredients, and provide Direct to Consumer personalization options that are otherwise unavailable to today’s market. We pride ourselves on offering luxury wholesale candle supplies products that are ordinarily only available to large manufacturers. Instead, we service everyone: the global manufacturers, and the small business owners and the expressive DIY community.
We strive to be the expert leaders in the space, and to do so we stay flexible and innovative. Our ideas are rooted in our beliefs, but boast trends, reviews, and customer insights in an effort to continue to evolve and stay on the cusp of the market on a global scale as we expand, looking at what exists in the market today to outline an impactful industry for tomorrow.
manufacturing specs
Wooden Wicks not only produce great quality candles and even greater returns in sales volume, but they are in fact easier to use from a manufacturing standpoint.
For manufacturers hand pouring their candles, Wooden Wicks enable a faster set up with their rigid design, eliminating the need for wick bars or straightening. Wooden Wicks are available with Wick Clips separate or pre-clipped for a one step wicking process.
For larger scale manufacturing, automation options are available. The Wooden Wick Co. has partnered with the most reputable wicking automation manufacturers in the industry to develop innovative manufacturing technology. We’ve done the leg work of development so your transition to Wooden Wicks can be a breeze.
referral partners
Our wick innovations continue to fuel growth for fresh and unique brand developments and manufacturing opportunities. The exponential demand for Wooden Wicks has resulted in a new era of candles.
Manufacturing partners of The Wooden Wick Co. are part of our exclusive referral list. Because of the nature of our patented technology, we work with many candle brands around the world who look to us for advice, referrals, and expertise for their manufacturing and fulfillment processes.
The Wooden Wick Co. is happy to maintain close relationships with our key manufacturing partners to allow for mutual growth and benefits.
Burning Questions? Want to work together? Contact our Customer Experience Team create@woodenwick.com